Do you know when you should spell out a number and when you should use numerals? Do you know all of the current comma rules or what an oxford comma is? Are there times you read a page of your manuscript and think, “This sounds great, but something isn’t working and I can’t figure out what it is”? An editor knows. That’s what they do.


Many great stories never get off the ground because a reader is turned off by typos, misplaced words or grammatical errors.

There are many types of editing and specialists in each. Occasionally an editor is so thorough they overlap without trying. We offer content editors and a copy editors for your work. The content editor focuses mainly on the story and character consistency, the copy editor makes sure you don’t make any massive blunders that will make you want to bury your head in the sand for several weeks after you’ve published.


Don’t let yourself get thrown in the heap of works discarded by consumers and critics alike for poor editing. Let our editors take a look at your manuscript before you hit publish. We’ll even do the first 1400 words for free!

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Nothing draws readers to pick up books better than a beautiful cover. Nothing makes them set it down quicker than opening it and finding an interior that looks like it was formatted in a 6th grade Word tutorial.


Professional interiors keep readers interested in your story long enough to read the first sentence, and then the first paragraph and then the first chapter…by that time they’re hooked.


The market is saturated with Indies who don’t seem to care how their work is presented to the world. Clean, professional interiors set you apart, but formatting in currently available Word Processors is time-consuming and can still look amateurish.

Professional Manuscript Layouts

Let us take the work out of it for you. Our formatting technique turns your story into an experience for your reader. Something as simple as a beautifully designed scene break, or an enlarged first word to begin your chapter, gives you an edge over those in your field who lack the time or skill to go the extra mile.

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